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Undergraduate — Business Administration Classes

$370/credit hour

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BA 109: Business Spreadsheet Analysis 3 credits

An in-depth hands-on investigation of spreadsheet technology used in typical business applications. Topics include fundamentals of spreadsheet operation, utilizing spreadsheets to solve quantitative problems in business, basic and advanced spreadsheet formatting techniques, creating spreadsheet reports, creating pivot tables and pivot chart reports, and solving problems using what-if analysis.

  • Dates: June 26 – August 5
  • Register by: June 19
  • Number of Proctored Tests in Course: 2
  • Additional Course Information: You must use a PC for this course. Using a Mac computer will not allow you to do what is expected of you.

BA 301: Legal Environment & Ethics of Business 3 credits

Background of the American legal system and its Constitutional foundation; public crimes and private torts, contract law, the uniform Commercial code; negotiable instruments; debtor-creditor relationship, ethical systems underlying government and business behaviors; business organizational forms; government regulation of business; property law; and Cyberlaw. Business ethics examined for all subjects treated.

Prerequisites: BA 101 or Ac 203 Prerequisite.

  • Dates: June 26 – August 5
  • Register by: June 19

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Course Enrollment Limit/Cancellation

BJU reserves the right to limit the number of students registered in any course, to cancel any courses for which there is insufficient enrollment and to make changes as needed.

A full refund of tuition will be granted only if BJU cancels a course and the student chooses not to substitute another course from the schedule. For more information about taking accredited online college courses from BJU, contact us today.

Testing Service

Bob Jones University employs a webcam-based proctoring service for distance learning testing. Students should be prepared to pay up to $15 per test in distance learning courses. More information about how online testing works can be found at ProctorU.