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Laura Majewski
I am thankful for the faculty members in every department who communicated passion for the Gospel in and out of the classroom. Laura
Ryan Smith
The quality and strength of the education I received at Bob Jones University has become more and more evident as I progress through my professional career. Ryan
Bethany Uhler
No matter where God chooses to place us after graduation, the broad training that students receive in the liberal arts classes will equip us to connect with a wider range of people. Bethany


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Live, play and serve in a community united in Christ.

Laura Beth
I had a friend who lived in the dorms, and my parents suggested I try it for a year to see how I liked it. So I tried it, and then I couldn’t stop! I’ve met people I never would’ve met living at home. Laura Beth
BJU has made a huge difference. If you went to another college, you wouldn’t get the constant Christian atmosphere. And because it’s a liberal arts college, you get so much more than just your major. I’ve played for the Bruins, led a Bible study, tried out for a play—everything is at your fingertips. AJ
I love my society. They’re my favorite thing on campus. Society sports are a great way to build relationships with a lot of different people. If the only friends you have in college are the ones in your major, you will miss a lot of the college experience. Rebecca
There are so many opportunities here for you to learn and grow and be a better person. You have faculty, classes and experiences to draw from, so you can make the most out of it for your good and God’s glory! Hannah


Be More

Give back. Lead others. Inspire change. Whatever challenge comes next, take it on with confidence.

Matt Moore Mills
Hired before graduation by Carolina Center for Behavioral Health Matt
Chelsea Moss
Accepted before graduation to Purdue University Chelsea
Dylan Mills
Hired before graduation by Prudential Financial Dylan
Daniel Machado
Accepted before graduation to Yale University, Emory University, Columbia University, George Washington and Tufts University Daniel
Daniel Machado
Hired before graduation by The Blood Connection Audrey


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