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Student Support

First-year Experience

Freshman party

Your first year of college is an exciting and challenging time as you’re starting a new phase of your life. Our first-year program is designed to make sure that your transition to college is smooth.

Throughout Welcome Week, First-year Residence Halls and beyond, there are plenty of ways for you to start your college experience well. You’ll meet faculty, other first-year students and peer leaders in your First-year Seminar: Pathways course as you explore life at BJU together.

And you’ll have support from your personal First-year Academic Advisor as well as your peers to make your first and future years at BJU the best they can be.

First-year Experience

Academic Support

Academic Resource Center

In addition to our amazing faculty, we have a support system that will provide you with the tools you need for a successful college career.

As a new student, you’ll have a First-year Academic Advisor who will help you determine your class schedule and guide you through the beginning of your academic journey. You will also see your First-year Academic Advisor as they assist and lead discussion classes for our First-year Seminar: Pathways.

Our Academic Resource Center can provide academic coaching, one-on-one help at our Writing Center, help you find a peer study group for a specific class, connect you with an academic coach or a tutor, determine any academic accommodations, and even help with technology related to your studies.

Residence Hall

Student studying

In addition to your roommates and group leaders, the residence hall staff is there to help and encourage you. Your resident assistant (or RA), who is also a student, oversees your hall and is a great source for answers to your questions or can direct you to help from other places.

Each residence hall also has a supervisor as well as resident mentors who are grad students. They care and are there to help and to offer friendship and spiritual support at any time.

Living on Campus

Student Health Services

Student Health Services is the primary place for student health support. A nurse is available Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to help students identify appropriate medical treatment options for their illness or injury. A number of basic health services are available as well. Students can go the office in the east end of Reveal (facing the parking garage) or reach them at (864) 241-1685 or by email.

Student Care Office

Life as a believer is not always easy, and growing in Christ seldom occurs without challenges. Christ didn’t promise a life without challenges, but He did promise to surround us with other believers who would walk through life with us, share His Word with us, and help bear our burdens.

The Student Care Office provides biblical counsel and care and fosters mentoring relationships in the BJU community. It is a safe place to talk about your cares and struggles and receive biblical help that is also confidential. The director and women’s counselor can also answer any questions you have about a Title IX situation or advice on how to make a report if desired.

Students are also welcome to email or call the office to set up a time to meet (ext. 2130). Their offices are located in the East end of Reveal (facing the parking garage).

Career Services

Career Services is here to help you prepare for your future by providing career advising and planning. They also hold special recruiting events for you to meet and network with potential employers.

Additionally, you can attend resume and interview workshops to learn tips and best practices as you prepare to start your job search. Career Services also provides an online job board.

If you’re unsure about what you want to study, Career Services can also help you assess your interests and skills to determine the type of program that would suit you.

Career Services