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University Leadership


Steve Pettit

Steve Pettit, MA

President, Chief Executive Officer

President’s Administrative Cabinet

Gary M. Weier

Gary M. Weier, PhD

Provost, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer

Alan Benson

Alan Benson, DMin

Executive Vice President for Student Development and Ministry Advancement

John D. Matthews

John D. Matthews, MBA

Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations

Bobby Wood

Bobby Wood, PhD

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Steve Dickinson

Steve Dickinson, BS

Vice President for Business and Finance

Carol A. Keirstead

Carol A. Keirstead, MS

Chief Communications Officer

David A. Fisher

David A. Fisher, PhD

Chief Administrative Oversight Officer, Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Sr. Dean

Beverly Cormican

Beverly Cormican, EdD

Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives

Kevin L. Taylor

Kevin L. Taylor, MS

Chief Human Resources Officer

David Lovegrove

David Lovegrove, BS

Chief Marketing Officer

Randy Page

Randy Page, BS

Chief of Staff

Renton Rathbun

Renton Rathbun, PhD

Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview

Officers of Administration

Renae M. Wentworth, EdD — Dean of the College of Arts and Science
Darren P. Lawson, PhD — Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Communication
Brian A. Carruthers, EdD — Dean of the School of Education and Human Services
Jessica L. Minor, PhD — Dean of the School of Health Professions
Kevin P. Oberlin, PhD — Dean of the School of Religion
Neal D. Cushman, PhD — Dean of BJU Seminary
Gregory M. Kielmeyer, PhD — Associate Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Communication
N. Daniel Smith, EdD — Registrar
Brian W. Burch, MBA — Chief Information Officer
Phillip R. Gerard, MA — Senior Director of Planning, Research and Assessment
Nathan G. Crockett, PhD — Director of Ministry Training
Jonathan G. Daulton, MDiv — Director of Student Life
A. Deneen Lawson, BAPCT — Women’s Director of Student Life
D. Neal Ring, EdD — Athletic Director

Board of Trustees

Dr. Dawn Akam
Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Dr. Hantz Bernard*
Chair, Marketing & Development Committee
Caledonia, Mich.

Dr. Gary Cobb
Middletown, Ohio

Dr. Sam Dawson*
Allen Park, Mich.

Dr. Mike Harding (Secretary/Treasurer)*
Chair, Academic Committee
Washington Township, Mich.

Dr. Joe Helm*
Chair, Personnel & Plant Committee
Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Mr. Paul Kalmbach
Arlington, Ohio

Pastor Shawn Kook
Davison, Mich.

Dr. John Lewis (Chair)*
Davison, Mich.

Mr. Paul Matthews
Athens, Ala.

Mr. Jerry Morgan*
Chair, Student Development & Discipleship Committee
Greenville, S.C.

Dr. Steve Pettit
Greenville, S.C.

Dr. Brian Priest
Perkasie, Pa.

Dr. Jean Saito
Greenville, S.C.

Mr. Tim Stanley (Vice Chair)*
Chair, Finance & Audit Committee
Greenville, S.C.

Mr. Gary Thompson
Buffalo, Mo.

Dr. Bruce Woodworth
Knoxville, Tenn.

*member of the Executive Committee