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Fast Facts

Students at commencement

Founded: 1927

Location: Our campus is in Greenville, S.C.

Description: Christian liberal arts university

Status: Non-profit, tax-exempt

President: Steve Pettit

Number of Students: Around 3000

Student Body: 63% live on campus and 37% live off, 34% were homeschooled

Tuition: Before financial aid, the 2018-19 tuition for one semester is $8,625 and room/board is $3,488.

Test Scores:

  • Our cumulative NCLEX pass rate since 2002 is above 95%, and our nursing graduates typically outperform national and South Carolina pass rates.
  • Medical school acceptance rates for BJU premed graduates average greater than 80% versus the current national average of 41%. BJU graduates have been admitted to 67 different medical schools in 28 states.
  • BJU graduates pursuing medical careers consistently score in the top 25% of the nation on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Our 2015 premed graduates pursuing medical careers averaged in the top 17% of the nation on the MCAT.
  • Engineering graduates have a pass rate of 90% on the National Engineering Exam, with a 100% pass rate in 2012.