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Reflecting God

Build Faith. Challenge Potential. Follow Christ.

From the president

“My prayer is that the Lord will glorify Himself by continuing to use BJU to develop believers who will be passionate in their love of God, unswerving in their commitment to biblical Truth, outspoken in their proclamation of Jesus Christ and exemplary in their edifying love for other believers.”
Dr. Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Presidential Search

Bob Jones University is seeking a godly and Spirit-filled individual with a passion for God, His Word, evangelism and ministry; who is totally committed to the absolute authority of the Bible, the mission of BJU and the local church; and who has successful leadership and administrative experience.

What we believe

Our greatest desire is that our students know God and reflect His character. At BJU we nurture our students’ spiritual growth and help them develop a comprehensively Christian worldview both inside and outside the classroom.

Through relevant and challenging chapel services, faculty who model Christlikeness and develop mentoring relationships with students, and an entire curriculum infused with the absolute truth of the Bible, our students push the limits of their own creativity, skill and faith for the glory of God.

Our history

Campus Map

Since our founding in 1927, we’ve seen tens of thousands of graduates go out and serve Jesus Christ around the world. Our graduates passionately live out their faith and set a standard of excellence in their lives and vocations—whether in the sciences, the arts, ministry, education or business.