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David Miller

Photo of David Miller

Division of Management
School of Business



  • BA, Bible, Bob Jones University

Courses Taught

  • Desserts & Pastries (CA 125)
  • Desserts & Pastries Lab (CA 195)
  • Food Service Management (CA 205)
  • Food Service Sanitation & Nutrition (CA 116)
  • Introductory Bakeshop (CA 104)
  • Introductory Bakeshop Lab (CA 194)
  • Recipe Costing & Menu Analysis (CA 225)

About David

During my time as a student at BJU (1988-1993) I worked as both a baker in the Dining Common and as a cook in the summers and weekends at the Wilds Christian Camp.  God used those opportunities to develop in me a passion for producing and serving one of the basic needs of mankind-food. Upon graduating I spent an additional 10 months cooking at the Wilds before entering a variety of experiences in small retail bakeries.  Here I was introduced to the world of bread-making, cake decorating, donut-frying and pastry production.  It was all handmade and wonderful! The Lord was continuing to develop my love for food creation.

From 1997 to 2007 I worked two different stints with Publix Supermarket Bakeries and 5 years at Rocky Creek Bakehouse in Greenville, SC. Not only did I grow at this time in my knowledge of baking but I learned the significance of developing people, controlling costs, maintaining a safe environment, driving sales and good customer service.

In the summer of 2007 God gave me the privilege to return to the Bob Jones University Dining Common where I worked for four years before becoming faculty in the Culinary Arts Department.  God has also allowed me to open a small wholesale bread business (2009) complete with a wood-fired oven. I supply area restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops and farmer's markets.  This has given me the opportunity to be involved with the community food trends and local culinary professionals.  .  It is so rewarding to watch students develop professionally and grow in their love for God and others.  What a privilege it is to be a part of what God is doing to expand His Kingdom-by His use of skilled culinarians.