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Communication Studies, MA

What will I study?

The Master of Arts in Communication provides students the opportunity to enhance communication skills through advanced coursework blending theory, research and application in a variety of contexts. The program prepares a student for a career in communication or for further academic work. This program requires 30 -33 credits and the completion of a consulting project or academic master's thesis.

Program Learning Outcomes
The student will ...
-- Design and execute a research project using appropriate research methodologies.
-- Critique multiple theoretical perspectives of human communication.
-- Evaluate communication practices in organizational contexts.

Entrance Requirements

All students pursuing the Master of Arts in Communication are required to complete an interview. This interview is used to evaluate your background and determine your potential as a graduate student. For more information please contact Dr. Ryan Meers.

What classes will I take?

The following courses are required:

Future Careers

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What’s my next step?