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English, BA

What will I study?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English has special value for all occupations in which written communication is vital. The required 40 credits in this program integrate coursework that focuses on clear and persuasive discourse, critical reading and research, and literary analysis. This program prepares the student for multiple applications in the business and professional world and for advanced work in English or other academic pursuits.

Program Learning Outcomes
The student will ...
-- Analyze, interpret and evaluate literature within a framework of biblical understanding.
-- Write an effective literary-critical essay utilizing library resources.
-- Analyze audience and situation to create documents that meet reader needs.
-- Apply language conventions and effective organization to written discourse.

What classes will I take?

First Year +

Second Year +

Third Year +

Fourth Year +

  • Apologetics & Worldview
  • English Elective (300- to 500-level) (3 credits)
  • English Elective (300- to 500-level) (3 credits)
  • English Elective (300- to 500-level) (3 credits)
  • Bible Elective (300/400-level) (2 credits)
  • English Elective (300- to 500-level) (3 credits)
  • English Elective (300- to 500-level) (3 credits)
  • Writing Elective (3 credits)

Future Careers

The English major is a strong pre-professional program for students planning to enter such fields as law, public relations, or even the upper levels of business management. Graduates will also find career opportunities in teaching, advertising, communication media, personnel services, and other areas where high value is placed on communication skills and the ability to think logically and critically.

Our students majoring in English are eagerly sought as graduate students and teaching assistants by the major state universities of South Carolina and have done impressive work at some of the most distinguished graduate and law schools in the nation.

Students can network with a variety of employers through our online placement service, CareerCentral. A multitude of employment opportunities are posted annually. In addition, over 60 businesses and 150 Christian schools/mission boards/Christian organizations come on campus to recruit students in a variety of majors through on-campus interviews and job/ministry fairs. The Career Services office also helps students by holding seminars on resume preparation and interview techniques.

Career Services can help you prepare for job hunting and networking with employers.

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What’s my next step?