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GRACE Report on BJU’s policies and responses regarding abuse

“I would like to sincerely and humbly apologize to those who felt they did not receive from us genuine love, compassion, understanding and support after suffering sexual abuse or assault …To them I would say—we have carefully listened to your voice. We take your testimony in this report to our hearts. We intend to thoroughly review every aspect and concern outlined in the investigation and respond appropriately.”
— Steve Pettit, BJU President

Questions & Answers

Does Bob Jones University accept the findings in the report?

Does BJU blame victims for sexual abuse and sexual assault?

GRACE recommends taking action against specific employees. What are your plans in this area?

Did BJU discourage students or others from reporting sexual abuse and assault?

In the report, GRACE provides sketches of individual cases spanning over 30 years. What is BJU’s response to these cases?

What are the next steps for BJU in this process?

Who will determine what actions BJU will take as a result of the report?

Is Bob Jones University safe?

What additional safety features are available at BJU?

How are policies and procedures related to sexual abuse/assault and other issues communicated to the student body?

Have faculty, staff and students been trained about sexual abuse/assault reporting, etc.?

Does Bob Jones University report public safety information to any governmental agency?

In 2011, BJU reported 9 forcible sexual offenses reported on campus. Can you explain that?

How did GRACE proceed with the process?

How did BJU and GRACE communicate throughout this process?

Did GRACE discover any instances of abuse that were not properly reported to authorities?

In addition to engaging an ombudsman, what has Bob Jones University done to heighten awareness of abuse?

Since beginning your work with GRACE, have you changed your counseling processes?

Will GRACE’s report of its findings be released to the public?

Who is considered a mandatory reporter at BJU?

What led BJU to review its policies and procedures regarding the reporting of sexual abuse?

What is an ombudsman?

What was BJU’s original purpose for contracting with GRACE to be the ombudsman?

Who is GRACE and what did we ask them to do?

How did GRACE gather information?

How did BJU promote the availability of the survey?

What are BJU’s policies regarding reporting instances of abuse?

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Press Release: BJU President Steve Pettit Announces GRACE Report

“We do not take the concerns of the victims who believe we failed them lightly. We know we must work to regain their trust through actions, not words, and for those actions to be truly meaningful, we must make a long-term commitment that creates genuine, sustainable change. It is our solemn pledge to do just that.” Read President Pettit's full statement