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Humanities, BA

What will I study?

The Humanities major provides preparation for a number of career options that call for a broadly based, comprehensive college education. Rather than focusing on one or two academic disciplines, it offers exposure to a variety of courses in the arts and sciences. It calls for studies in English, philosophy, foreign language, history, mathematics, science, art, music, speech, and a large number of electives while allowing postponement of specialized study until graduate school.

Program Learning Outcomes
The student will ...
-- Analyze and evaluate a broad spectrum of ideas.
-- Solve authentic, real-world problems.
-- Articulate a biblical response to a variety of academic and societal issues.

What classes will I take?

First Year +

Second Year +

Third Year +

  • Bible Doctrines
  • Foreign Language Elective (3 credits)
  • History Elective (300/400-level) (3 credits)
  • English Elective (300- to 500-level) (3 credits)
  • Philosophy Elective (300/400-level) (3 credits)

Fourth Year +

  • Apologetics & Worldview
  • Psychology Elective (300/400-level) (3 credits)
  • English Elective (300- to 500-level) (3 credits)
  • Humanities Seminar
  • Bible Elective (300/400-level) (2 credits)
  • Psychology Elective (300/400-level) (3 credits)
  • History Elective (300/400-level) (3 credits)

Future Careers

Humanities majors find employment with companies who prefer to hire people with a strong, comprehensive liberal arts education whom they can train in specific job responsibilities. In fact, more and more businesses and even professional schools are intensifying their call for college graduates who are thoroughly educated in those areas that are important to man as a human being rather than merely a skilled craftsman or even professional. Thus humanities majors often work in people-oriented careers such as banking, public relations, advertising, the airline industry, community services, government agencies, etc., because of their ability to relate to people and discern and establish relationships. You could be used in an area where a high value is placed on displaying a wide awareness and the ability to think logically and critically.

Students can network with a variety of employers through our online placement service, CareerCentral. A multitude of employment opportunities are posted annually. In addition, over 60 businesses and 150 Christian schools/mission boards/Christian organizations come on campus to recruit students in a variety of majors through on-campus interviews and job/ministry fairs. The Career Services office also helps students by holding seminars on resume preparation and interview techniques.

Career Services can help you prepare for job hunting and networking with employers.

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What’s my next step?