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Academic Resource Center

Juggling all of your classes, studying, taking tests—college can be a daunting experience, but at BJU you’re not left to yourself to figure it all out. We want you to have all of the resources that you need to excel. That’s why we created the Academic Resource Center. Whether you’re looking to improve your study skills or just want to maximize your education, we’re here to serve you.

Who can benefit from the Academic Resource Center?

The Academic Resource Center is a great place where students of all classifications can maximize their education and lay a strong foundation for a successful college career. You’ll be able to connect with study groups for your classes, receive academic counseling, find tutors and much more.

From educational technology to a quiet study zone to academic accommodations for those with documented learning disabilities, we’re here to help you meet all of your studying needs, build your academic confidence, and, ultimately, help you excel in college.

Upperclassmen can also apply to be a tutor or help lead a study group. It’s a great way to minister to your fellow students through academics.

Services we offer

  • Academic coaching
  • Study groups
  • Tutor referral
  • Educational technologies
  • Testing
  • Academic accommodations for those with documented learning disabilities

Writing Center

The ability to write well is a huge part of your education and will be an essential tool throughout your life and career. The Writing Center will focus on helping you improve your writing skills.