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Speaker’s Bureau

New Workshops


iPad Basics for New Users

These Are A Few of My Favorite Apps (lower elementary level)

These Are a Few of My Favorite Apps (upper elementary and middle school version)


School Programs: Agony and Ecstasy

English/Language Arts

Every Teacher Should be a Literacy Teacher: Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (K-6)

Foreign Language

An Introduction to Communicative Language Teaching

Basic Spanish Review: A Survival Guide

Foreign Language Education: Why? and How?

The Proficiency-Based Foreign Language Classroom: What does it look like?


And the General's Names is Winter

Instructional Strategies

Individualizing Instruction in the Elementary Grades


Go Ye Into All the World: Helping Students become Disciple-makers


Developing a Children's Choir Program

Selecting Quality Children's Choir Literature

Sprucing Up Your Elementary Music Classroom

The Cat in the Hat and Other Musical Ideas for the Elementary Classroom

The Effective Choral Program

Professional Development

Taking the Next Step in Professional Development - Becoming a Teacher Leader


Early Literacy: More Than Just the ABC's


Take it Outside: Using Outdoor Experiences to Enhance Learning

Twelve Common Science Misconceptions--and How to Prevent Them

Social Studies

What's in a Name?

Teaching Methods

Fifteen Lesson I Learned from Thirty Years of High School Teaching

Helping Middle School and Secondary Students with Study Skills

Lessons from the Master Teacher

Review Ideas You can Use and Tips for STudent-Constructed Graphic Organizers

Tired of Worksheets? Bump-up to the Top of Bloom's with Project-based Learning (K-6)

Your Classroom: Active or Passive?


Moving Beyond the Test: Formative Assessment in the Elementary Classroom (K-6)


Best Book Reports