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Speaker’s Bureau

New Workshops


How to Informally Assess During Instruction

Administrative Techniques

Getting Organized: Strategies for Catching the Details

Leadership Development: A Biblical Model

Making Sense of Sensory Processing Difficulties and Disorders in Early Childhood

Sports vs. Spirituality


Creating Criterion-Reference Tests

Effective Assessment in a Digital Age

Athletics/Physical Fitness

At Risk Coaches

Beyond X's and O's to the Y's

Good Strategy or Bad Ethics?

Paradoxical Sports Parents

True Competition: Striving Together

Christian Women

Counter-Cultural Ministry to Young Women

The One Thing Necessary


Children in Transition: Helping Young Children Successfully Cope with Death, Divorce, and Disaster

Developing a College Guidance Program

Helping Students Choose a Major for College

How to Help A Struggling Student

Let's Prepare our Students for Success in College and in the Workplace


Designing the Perfect English Course

Incorporating Interactive Read-alouds

Early Childhood Education

Learning to Play and Playing to Learn in Early Childhood

Turning the Chaos into Calm

Educational Psychology

How Do I Learn


If I Can ...

Instructional Strategies

Responding to Diversity in the General Education Classroom

Personal Development

Survival for Single Ladies

Professional Development

First-Year Teacher Survival Strategies


Next Generation Science Standards: A Reasonable Response

Special Education

Accomodation or Modification?

Developing A Special Education Program in Your School

How to Identify if My Child is Struggling

Teaching Methods

Adjusting Your Teaching for Their Active Learning

Building Independent Thinking--The Step We Are Missing

Collaborative Learning for Teaching Literary Skills

Grammar Is Grammar Is Grammar

How Do I Integrate Young Learners

Quality Writing and How to Teach It

What's Your Mindset?


How did you do that? Part 1: Technology Hacks to Support the Secondary Classroom

How did you do that? Part 2: Technology Hacks to Reinforce the Secondary Classroom


Effective Essay Questions

Ten Tips for Building Better Tests