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Speaker’s Bureau

New Workshops

Administrative Techniques

How to Help Your Teachers Succeed

Reflective Teaching

Athletics/Physical Fitness

Personal Fitness Planning, Part I

Personal Fitness Planning, Part II

Physical Education 101, Part I

Physical Education 101, Part II

Classroom Management

Virtual Classroom Management


Preparing for the Parent-Teacher Conference

The Flipped Learning Experience


iPad Literacy for Instruction


School Programs: Agony and Ecstasy

English/Language Arts and the Writing Process across the Curriculum

Foreign Language

An Introduction to Communicative Language Teaching

Basic Spanish Review: A Survival Guide

Foreign Language Education: Why? and How?

The Proficiency-Based Foreign Language Classroom: What does it look like?

Instructional Strategies

Digital Portfolios for Teaching and Learning

Edmodo and Social Learning

Quality Tools and Assessment for Student Success

STEM, STEAM, PBL, and Beyond!

Virtual Classroom Management ‚Äď Class Dojo 2.0


Go Ye Into All the World: Helping Students become Disciple-makers


Developing a Children's Choir Program

Selecting Quality Children's Choir Literature

Sprucing Up Your Elementary Music Classroom

The Cat in the Hat and Other Musical Ideas for the Elementary Classroom

The Effective Choral Program

Personal Development

When God’s Ways are NOT Our Ways

Professional Development

Characteristics of the 21st Century Teacher

Long Range Planning - Seeing the Big Picture

Short Range Planning - Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

The Process of Professional Development


Demos for Dummies: Tips for Better Science Demonstrations

Staying Safe in the Science Lab