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English/Language Arts

Add Spice to Your Reading Instruction
A Redemptive Approach to Teaching Language Arts
Art and the Storyteller
Can I Teach Writing Well Without Drowning in Papers?
Choosing Books for Students
Common Core Standards
Communication Skills Every Classroom Should Teach
Comprehension Strategies for Content Area New
Developing Excellent Readers
Diversions from the Everyday English Classroom
Especially for the Smaller School: How to Combine English Classes Yet Preserve Sequencing
Five Minute Intervention Strategies for Language Enhancement in the Classroom
Five-Star Rating
Fluency: The Forgotten Reading Skill New
Good Usage: Teaching It for Use, Not Just Test Taking
Grammar and Writing: A Good Match
Helping Non-Native Users of English
How to Help Limited-English Students in a Non-ESL Classroom
Journaling: Combatting the Fear of the Blank Page
Making Our Language and Its History Interesting to Students
Missions in the English Class? Naturally!
My Tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer: Ideas for Teaching Writing
Not Just Another Book Report
Not Just Another Book Report
Reading Groups Rescued
Ready for Anything! What to Expect in a Middle School English Classroom
Revealing the Deep and Secret Things: Teaching Literature with a Purpose
So . . . what's YOUR definition of "objectionable"?
Steps for Spelling Success
Teaching Discernment Through Modern Fiction
Teaching Students to Read is More than Teaching Them to Decode Words
Teaching Writing Skills Through Grammar
Teach Reading and Writing during Social Studies and Science
The Christian Teaching of English
The Language and Literacy Connection: Is This Child's Speech and/or Language Delayed?
The Professional English Juggler
The "How" of Reading Assessment
The Write Path and the Writing Process across the Curriculum
Unravelling Writing & Grammar
Use of Newspapers in Teaching Elementary Language Arts
Who Needs Shakespeare?
Writing Skills for Young Authors