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Teaching Methods

Are We Having Fun Yet? New
Are We Having Fun Yet? New
Assessment: Suggestions for Grading
Building a Better Elementary Teacher
Bulletin Board Bored?
Characteristics of the Junior High Age
Comprehension-based Learning
Developing Critical Thinking Skills
Developing Student Leadership
Discussion Methods in the Classroom
Ditch the Dictionary: Vocabulary Instruction that Works!
Effective Teaching: What Does the Research Indicate?
Evaluation and Testing Philosophies that Combat Grade Inflation
Everything Old is New Again
Extra Credit: Incentive to Succeed
Grades vs. Assessment: Is There a Difference?
Hands-On Science Lessons
Hands On: Teaching Aids and Ideas for Elementary Teachers
Helping Middle School and Secondary Students with Study Skills
How can Principals Increase Academic Achievement?
How can Teachers Increase Academic Achievement?
I Didn't Tell You to Read That!: "Tricking" Students into Reading
Improving Teacher-Student Relationships
Lessons from the Master Teacher
Let’s Teach Critical Thinking Skills
Let’s Teach for Understanding
Making a Difference
Mastering Multiple Choice Questions
Mastery vs. Survey Teaching
Now That I Know What They're Like, What Do I Do With Them?
Producing Learning that Lasts Through Formative Assessments
Quick and Simple Progress Monitoring
Renovating Teaching: A Biblical Model
Sensational Science Field Trips
Solomon's View of Teaching
Tapping into Group Energy
Teaching and Learning in Proverbs
Teaching: A Serious Responsibility
Teaching the Big Ideas
Teaching With Hymns
Textbooks: Tools or Tyrants
The Art of Questioning: Perfecting Your Q&A Techniques
The Issue of Censorship
The Junior High Mind: Do You Understand It?
The Whys of Grade Inflation
Truly Loving Your Students
Understanding Junior Highers and Working Effectively With Them
Using Storytelling to Communicate to Students
WebQuests for the Classroom
What Makes a Good JH/SH Teacher?
What’s All the Fuss about Response to Intervention?
Why Don't My Students Learn What I Teach Them?
Your Classroom: Active or Passive?