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Festival & Preaching Conference General Info

Festival & Preaching Conference General Info



All participants may stay in university residence halls for the entire four-day competition. Because of limited space, we can accommodate room requests only for siblings.

Groups traveling great distances or those who do not wish to travel on Sunday may arrive as early as 6:30 p.m. on Saturday at no additional charge.

Please bring a pillow, linens for a single bed (or sleeping bag), bath linens, soap, umbrella, etc.


Festival ParticipantFee
On-campus participant
Includes lodging and all meals
On-campus, non-competing student attending with participating group*
Includes lodging and all meals
Off-campus participant
Does not include meals

* Non-competing student registration forms must arrive with participating group forms.

Accompanists & Instruments Fee
Contest Accompanist**
Cost applied per contest accompanied
Standard band/orchestral instrument rental*** $25
Large lever harp rental*** $35
Pedal harp rental***$50

** Music for accompanists must be sent in by the registration deadline.
*** Limited number of instruments will be available for rental during the festival week. Please call ahead for availability.


Sponsors for groups of two or more will be our guests for residence hall accommodations and/or meals, based on the number of high school students in the group.

Visiting Students Sponsors
2-10 2 adults
11-20 4 adults
21-30 6 adults
31-40 8 adults
41-50 10 adults

Note: We cannot accommodate adults, other than sponsors, in the residence halls.


Reservations must be in the Welcome Center office no later than Sept. 27. Medical release forms must be signed in order for registration to be processed.

Each participant and sponsor must complete individual reservation forms. Sponsors for groups (including homeschool groups) should send one check for full payment and all reservation forms for their entire group (including non-competing prospective students) in one envelope.


Payment (less a $25 processing fee) will be refunded only if cancellation is received in the Welcome Center office no later than Sept. 27. There is no refund for cancellations made after this date.


All participants should check in on Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A required opening meeting for all participants and sponsors will be held at 6:45 p.m. in the Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium. Preaching Conference participants will meet again at 8 p.m. in Levinson Hall in the Student Center.

While On Campus

Medical Care

BJU has a medical clinic in case of illness or an accident. A well-equipped infirmary is located on the campus. The University, however, is not responsible for any expense incurred because of an injury or illness. Parents must sign the medical release on the reservation form.

What to Wear

Young women should wear modest-length dresses. For performance, women should wear a dress that comes to the knee when they are seated.

Young men should wear long pants (no jeans) and sport shirts. Their hair should be neat and well-trimmed so that the hair is off the collar and the ears are showing. For the preaching competition young men should wear coats and ties, preferably dark suits or conservative sport coats and dress pants. For performance in the Wednesday and Thursday concerts, men should wear their concert attire or dress pants, shirt and tie.

Those planning to participate in art workshops should bring a smock or an old shirt and old slacks.

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