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Graduate Aid

To apply for financial aid as a graduate student, please complete a FAFSA.

School and Program Aid

School of Education

Ministry Program

Graduate Assistantship Program

Each year BJU awards graduate assistantships to outstanding students who wish to pursue a graduate degree or a second undergraduate degree. An assistantship runs for 1 year and yields a competitive wage that allows the assistant to pay a special rate for room, board and tuition. The tuition covers an academic load of 6-10* semester hours during the work agreement.

*International student requirements will differ.

Find and apply for a grad assistant position

Teaching & Residence Hall

Teaching and residence hall graduate assistants work/teach half-time for 2 semesters on a 9-month basis. Work/teaching duties are assigned by the Director of Educational Services. The agreement begins during the month of August.


Staff graduate assistants work 28 hours a week during 2 semesters and 40 hours a week during the summer on a 12-month basis with a maximum of 10 non-paid working days off during the 1 year. Specific duties are assigned by the department manager.