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Payment Information and Financial Terms

Methods of Payment

Payments may be made online, by mail with check or money order, or in person at Financial Services. Students can view their statements online at any time, and can grant parents/guarantor rights to view their billing statements. Those who can view the statements can also pay online or enroll in the automatic payment program.

Please note that payments received after 4 p.m. cannot be credited to the account until the next business day. Checks returned by the bank unpaid are subject to a $20 fee.

Terms of Payment

The semester charges for room, board, tuition and program fee will be posted to your bill that is due August 5 for fall semester and January 5 for the spring semester.

If you are not paying in full, required minimum payments must be paid per the following schedule. The first payment must be made before a student can complete registration and attend class.

Amount 1st Sem. 2nd Sem.
25% of the total balance Aug. 5 Jan. 5
33⅓% of the total balanceSept. 5 Feb. 5
50% of the total balance Oct. 5 Mar. 5
100% of the total balance Nov. 5 Apr. 5

+Balance includes any additional charge

There is a $25 late charge for any unpaid balance of the minimum payment due that is not paid on time.

If there is a Financial Aid Offer (see Financial Aid) on file at Financial Services by July 1, the offered amount for the first semester will be placed on the student’s account before the first bill.

If you have any questions, email the Financial Aid Office.

Your First Bill

The first school bill for the fall semester will be available for viewing around July 16. You’ll receive an email that your statement is available on StudentCentral (login required). It will list the first semester charges for tuition, room & board (if applicable) and your program fee.

The great thing about getting your bill this early is that you can check whether your financial aid has been factored in—and still do something about it if it isn’t.

If you’ve submitted all the documents requested by the Financial Aid office and your financial aid package is completed before July 1, any aid you’re eligible to receive will be listed on your statement as expected aid and will be subtracted from the total amount.

If you’re not sure whether your aid has been processed or if the financial aid you’re expecting to receive is not listed on your bill, please contact the Financial Aid office at (864) 242-5100, ext. 3040.

Following are some of the specifics about fees, reservations, cancellations, and more. If you have questions, email Financial Services, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Canceling after Classes Begin

Any new student who claims a reservation and leaves after classes begin for a term, or any present or former student who leaves after claiming a reservation, will owe tuition, program fee, and room and board charges for the semester pro-rated through the date of withdrawal. This applies to students who leave for any reason—either voluntary withdrawal or expulsion. Should a student leave the University for any reason after having paid more than the amounts outlined above, a refund would be made for any overpayment; but no other refunds will be made to a student for any other reason. Bruins Bucks are non-refundable.

If a student who has been admitted for admission to the University finds at any time that he or she cannot fill the reservation, he or she should cancel the reservation as soon as possible by contacting the Admission office at 800-252-6363 or by email.

Students Entering Late

Students who enter late owe the tuition and fees for the entire semester and the room and board prorated according to the date on which they enter. Should such a student leave the University after entering late, he or she will owe, as do all students, the room, board, tuition, and program fee as stated above.

Any outstanding charges referred to a collection agency will have the collection agency fees added to the balance due. It is understood that all of the terms in this section are accepted as part of the contract by person(s) who signed the financial responsibility statement on the student’s application for admission.