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Tuition/Room & Board 2024-25


Semester Annual


(12–18 credits)

$11,140 $22,280

Room & Board

Residence hall students carry a minimum of 12 credits

$5,190 $10,380

Program Fee (typical)
Fees vary by program. See full list below.

$1,000 $2,000

Total (Before Aid)



Additional credits above 18 credits per semester — $485 per credit

Estimated Variable Costs (not billed to student account)

Estimate your cost and aid

Estimate only. Official aid is applied for through the FAFSA and communicated to admitted students through a financial aid offer.

Part-Time Undergraduate

Tuition per credit $970
Audit Fee per credit $270
Program Fee (1–5 credits) $360
Program Fee (6–11 credits) $555


Avg. Aid for New Students

Find Grants & Scholarships


Best Value — South Region

(U.S. News & World Report)

Graduate (Non-Seminary)


Tuition per semester (8–12 credits) $7,250
Speech Language Pathology Tuition (per credit) $710
Room and Board per semester $4,170
Room and Board (value plan) $3,670
Program Fee per semester $250
Additional credits above 12 (per credit) $400


Tuition per credit (1–7 credits per semester) $800
Program Fee per semester $250

BJU Seminary


Tuition per semester (8–12 credits) $4,250
MDiv Tuition per semester (8–12 credits) $3,070
Room and Board per semester $4,170
Room and Board (value plan) $3,670
Program Fee per semester $250
Additional credits above 12 (per credit) $225
MDiv Additional credits above 12 (per credit) $165
Program Fee per semester $250


Tuition per credit (1–7 credits per semester) $450
MDiv Program per credit $330
Program Fee per semester $250

Previous Year’s Tuition


Program Fee

The program fee covers the use of the library, post office box rental, registration expenses, use of athletic and fitness facilities, computer labs, computer network access, and laboratory and supply fees associated with many courses.

Undergraduate Fees Per Semester

The fee also covers the Concert, Opera & Drama Series tickets and admission to intercollegiate games for those taking six credits or more. For undergraduate students, the fee will vary according to their program and will be billed at the beginning of each semester. All privileges covered by the program fee are forfeited if a student withdraws for any reason during the academic year.

Non-Program Fees


Application $25
Reservation (new student)* $250
Reservation (returning student)* $50

*Non-refundable fee that is credited toward the semester’s tuition and fees.

Automobile Registration

Per semester $120


Validation examination fee per examination $50
TOEFL examination fee $30


Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees $120
Master’s, Master of Divinity degrees $120
Doctor’s degree $140
Diploma reorder $70

Health Services

Per semester $60


Lessons per semester (for non-music majors) $290 for private / $125 for group
Instrument rental per semester $125

Online Course

Resident student per credit $110

Registrar’s Office

Add a course $5
Drop a course $5
Withdraw and/or Reinstate due to Absences $20
Introduction to College English (En 095) $200
Math Modules: Liberal Arts Math (Ma 080) & Math Preparatory (Ma 090) $500
Additional attempts: $215

Vintage (Yearbook)

Per semester $40

Explanation of Non-Program Fees

Reservation Fee

Health Services Fee

Graduation Fee

Introduction to College English Fee

Math Modules Fee (Liberal Arts Math & Math Preparatory)