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Tuition/Room & Board 2018-19

Full-Time Undergraduate Students



Tuition (12–18 hours) $8,625 $17,250
Room and Board
Residence hall students carry a minimum of 12 hours
$3,488 $6,976
Program fee starting at
Fees vary by program
$385 $770

Total (Before Aid)



Additional hours above 18 hours per semester — $430 per hour

These figures do not include personal expenses, books or transporation, which will vary. The cost of books may average around $600 per semester, depending on your program of study.

Part-Time Undergraduate Students

Tuition per hour $860
Audit Fee per hour $215
Program Fee (1–5 hours) 250
Program Fee (6–11 hours) 375

Part-time students who audit or retake a class pay the regular part-time rate as if the class were taken for credit.

Seminary Students


Tuition per semester (8–12 hours) $3,690
MDiv Tuition per semester (8–12 hours) $2,650
Room and board $2,770
Program fees $250


Tuition per hour (1–7 hours per semester) $410
MDiv Program per hour $295
Program fee per semester $250

Seminary Summer Sessions

One-week Sessions

Tuition per credit hour $415
Room and board: Contact Admission for available options

Summer school tuition is due at registration and is non-refundable.

Graduate Students (Non-Seminary)


Tuition per semester (8–12 hours) $5,580
Room and board $2,770
Program fees $250


Tuition per hour (1–7 hours per semester) $620
Program fee per semester $250


Program Fee

The program fee covers the use of the library, post office box rental, registration expenses, use of athletic and fitness facilities, computer labs, computer network access, and laboratory and supply fees associated with most courses. The fee will vary according to the student’s program. The fee also covers the Concert, Opera & Drama series tickets and admission to intercollegiate games for those taking six hours or more. The program fee will be billed at the beginning of each semester. All privileges covered by the program fee are forfeited if a student withdraws for any reason during the course of the school year.

Culinary Arts Fees and Costs

Non-Program Fees


ACT Residual Test $45
Reservation (new student)* $250
Reservation (returning student)* $50

*Non-refundable fee that is credited toward the first month’s tuition and fees

Automobile Registration

Per semester $100


Validation examination fee per examination $50
TOEFL examination fee $25


Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees $100
Master’s, Master of Divinity degrees $100
Doctor’s degree $115
Diploma reorder $50
Nursing pinning $160


Instrument rental per semester $100

Online Classes: Technology Fee

Undergraduate resident students may register for one online class per semester. Students are responsible for any applicable online class course fees. Online classes are available to students not on an academic restriction.

Registration and Records

Add a course $5
Drop a course $5

Explanation of Non-Program Fees

Reservation Fee

A reservation fee of $250 is required to hold a reservation. The reservation fee is not refundable.


Graduation fees include the cost of the diploma and the rental of academic regalia and are payable in full whether the candidate receives the degree in person or in absentia.