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High School Festival & Preaching Conference

Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2017

Piano player

Brass group

2016 Schedule

Feel the thrill of competition and experience the pace of real college life at the High School Festival & Preaching Conference. Christian teens grades 9–12 from private and public schools and homeschools will stay in the residence halls, visit classes and attend campus events while participating in preaching, music, speech and drama, art and design, and culinary arts competitions.


Instrumental, Vocal, Choral


Art & Design

2D, 3D, Photography

Art & Design

Speech & Drama

Acting, Oratory, 24-Hour Playwriting


Culinary Arts

Team-based cooking competition

Culinary Arts


Narrative, Documentary, Animation


Preaching Conference

Helping young men improve their speaking skills


High School Festival

It was great meeting so many high school students during our High School Festival last week.

Posted by Bob Jones University on Tuesday, November 10, 2015