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Mack Building

Nursing Lab

About the School of Health Professions

Located on the first floor of the Mack Building, the School of Health Professions contains:

  • A 14-bed nursing skills lab that simulates a hospital floor for the aid in teaching multidisciplinary skills necessary in evaluating patients and providing care.
  • Labs for four high-fidelity patient simulators with corresponding control/observation rooms for the aid in teaching skills pertaining to cardiac, circulation, airway and breathing management.
  • A Human Performance Lab that includes a classroom, state-of-the-art equipment and tools to test all aspects of health, fitness and sports performance.
  • A Wellness Lab with equipment designed for students to learn how to meet people‚Äôs needs in health, fitness and recreation.
  • Communication disorders clinical instruction rooms and workstations.
  • Three lecture rooms that will accommodate more than 200 students in total.
  • Collaborative workspaces.
  • Faculty offices, conference rooms and lounge areas.
  • Space for incorporating new programs or other labs.

Boost One Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Fitness and Wellness Lab

About the Library

  • Located on the second floor of the Mack Building.
  • Features a shared library services platform (SLSP) and an online catalog called INDY through our Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL).
  • Access through INDY to the 400,000+ print and electronic books, 60,000+ electronic journals, and 62,000+ digital academic videos cataloged by Mack Library and to the 12,000,000+ items cataloged by 54 other PASCAL member libraries.
  • Also includes access to PASCAL Delivers, an inter-library loan courier service that delivers books requested through PASCAL member libraries.
  • Houses the Jerusalem Chamber, a room with a display of the University’s collection of rare Bibles. Also houses the University’s Archives Room, a display of materials about the founder and the history of the University.

Library website