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Howell Memorial Science Building

Science Building

About the Science Building

  • Contains classrooms, lecture halls, faculty offices, the Roder Memorial Coral Collection, the Waterman Bird Collection, a fully equipped Computer Science lab, modern laboratories for instructions in biology, chemistry, physics and electronics
  • Has a 2-ton mosaic at the entrance
    • Designed and constructed by art faculty Emory Bopp, Darrel Koons and Carl Blair
    • Contains 50,000 porcelain chips
    • Presents symbols of subjects to be taught in the building with the words of Psalm 19:2, “Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.”

Computer Science lab

  • Available exclusively to computer science/engineering majors and minors
  • The Computer Science department administers its own network with Windows and Linux servers.

Physics lab

  • Standard physics equipment for mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, acoustics and modern physics.
  • Equipment includes air tables and air tracks, electronic photogate timers, Geiger counters, optical benches, force tables and much more.
  • Specialized equipment includes an X-ray diffraction system, computerized data collection and analysis equipment and the full resources of the chemistry and electrical engineering laboratories.


  • Under the 6 foot dome is a 28cm (11 inch) Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with computer drive, computer interfaced CCD cameras and a P200 computer. The scope is used for variable star astronomy and for imaging of nebulae and galaxies.
  • The observatory is available for student use through an active undergraduate research program.