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Aaron Cullip

Division of Management
School of Business



  • MBA, Business, Clemson University
  • BS, Marketing Management, Bob Jones University



I attended Bob Jones University as a student in 1997 and graduated with a degree in Marketing Management.  The reason I attended BJU was due to the reputation of the business program in addition to getting a solid Christian education.  Bob Jones University is well-known for the type of student it produces and that attracted me.  As a student, I found the faculty to be highly engaged in my development.  The faculty were concerned with my professional and spiritual development.  This is something unique to Bob Jones University.  

Over the past 25 years I have been in Corporate America working in various capacities.  Most notably in sales executive leadership.  I have worked for Fortune 500 organizations and small organizations alike.  I have found my education at BJU has equipped me to be ready for the "real world".  Taking courses in Marketing, Sales, Management, Finance, Accounting and Statistics have paid off in that I use these concepts in my day to day role as an executive.  More importantly, learning how to be a Christian Business Person in a world that doesn't honor God, and knowing how to successfuly navigate the temptations of this world is something I distinctly learned at BJU.  

Now, I have the opportunity to give back to the school that equipped me on my journey.  I finished my MBA at Clemson University years ago and The Lord opened a door for me to begin teaching in the MBA program at Clemson.  Over the last several years I have been able to share my faith with students and faculty alike and I remain a faculty member there.  In addition, Bob Jones University asked me to come and teach.  I jumped at the opportunity to invest in the lives of our students as so many faculty members did in my life.  My desire is not only to further their professional development, but challenge our students in their personal walk with God and prepare them for the trials and temptations to come.

Currently I have been married to my lovely wife Kerri for 18 years and we have 3 children and reside in Simpsonville, SC.  We are actively involed at Rocky Creek Church in Greenville where I serve as a deacon and life group leader ministering to young married couples.