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Brenda Schoolfield

Photo of Brenda Schoolfield

Division Chair, Division of History, Government and Social Science
College of Arts and Science



  • PhD, History, University of South Carolina - Columbia
  • MEd, Teaching history, Bob Jones University
  • BA, History, Bob Jones University


  • Cultural Anthropology (SSS 504)
  • History of Civilization c. 3500 BC to AD 1650 (Hi 101)
  • History of Civilization since 1650 (Hi 102)
  • Humanities Seminar (Hmn 400)
  • International Studies Seminar (SSS 489)
  • Introduction to World Cultures (SSS 200)

About Brenda

All that I do at BJU is motivated by my love for students and my desire to see them grow in Christlike character as they develop their talents for the Lord's service. I teach history and anthropology in the Division of Social Science, and I am the program coordinator for the International Studies major. I have taught in the freshman History of Civilization program from my first semester of teaching at BJU. I teach Introduction to World Cultures and Cultural Anthropology. I offer courses in upper-level history in rotation: Colonial Era in America, America's Ideological Foundations, and the Non-Western World since 1914. I also serve as the University's Faculty Athletic Representative, a liaison between the faculty and the athletic department to provide oversight of student-athletes' experiences and academic development.

I came to BJU in the fall of 1984 as a freshman and graduated with a BA in History with a French minor. I returned as a graduate assistant in the fall of 1988 to teach history and earn my MEd in Teaching History. My PhD in History is from the University of South Carolina. My major field was Early America with minor fields in Early Modern Europe and Anthropology.

My research interests include time and time consciousness, the experiences of women and families, and the impact of ideas and technology. I am a co-editor for the South Carolina Historical Association's journal, The Proceedings. I am also a teacher-consultant with the South Carolina Geographic Alliance. My husband, Rob Schoolfield, teaches in the Division of Music (he's a percussionist), and we have two children in the University, one a theater arts major, the other a studio art major.