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Jared Stanley

Jared Stanley

Division Chair, Division of Art and Design
School of Fine Arts and Communication



  • PhD, Fine Arts, Texas Tech University
  • MA, Graphic Design, Bob Jones University
  • BS, Graphic Design, Bob Jones University


  • Advanced Design Studies (GrD 401)
  • Christianity & the Arts (FA 125)


Jared T. Stanley, PhD is an associate professor of Art+Design at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina where he lectures on the importance of humanities and arts to Christians in today’s world. In his principal studio course, printmaking, Stanley exposes students to historical and contemporary techniques for creating unique and reproducible imagery. Stanley works closely with the senior graphic design students in developing a live thesis project, crafting their presentation style, and coaching through professional-problem ethics scenarios.

In addition to his teaching, he serves on several institutional and departmental committees, manages the print studio and production room, and works with exhibitions in the Sargent Art Building. Stanley also happily serves gifted colleagues and students in his role as chair of the Division of Art+Design.

Dr. Stanley’s research has taken him to national and international conferences across the United States and Europe. He intertwines grief studies, television studies, and sociology to approach heavy topics in popular visual culture. Stanley’s dissertation explores the potential affective impact of televisual bereavement, grief, and mourning practices on a sociological and relational level. In his artistic practice, Stanley often draws on his knowledge of popular visual culture in relation to personal life experiences to offer a critical lens on visual sociology. His work extends from printmaking to poetry, from transmedia installations to performance art.

Through his interdisciplinary Fine Arts doctoral work at Texas Tech University, Stanley learned practical ways to expand creativity, encourage critical thinking, and develop professionalism in his students. His study at TTU expanded on the knowledge gained from his previous degrees (MA, BS) in graphic design, furthering his dynamic understanding of culture and communication, which he enthusiastically shares in his classes.

Outside of teaching, Stanley presents research at conferences, shows artwork publicly, and maintains a freelance graphic design business. He currently serves on the steering committee for the Contemporary Print Collective, an organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging upstate printmakers while furthering printmaking education. He previously served as chair of that organization. Over the years, Stanley has participated in international print exchanges and won several awards in fine art, graphic design, and photography. Stanley has developed a wide array of subject interests extending across several disciplines. Some of these include Aesthetics, Contemporary Art History and Theory, Popular Culture Theory, Media & Television Studies, Grief and Death Studies, Modern Art Theory and Practices, Typography, Printmaking, Woodworking, and Architecture.