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Jason Waggoner

Jason Waggoner

Department of Cinema Arts
Division of Communication
School of Fine Arts and Communication



  • MFA, Creative Writing, Full Sail University
  • MA, Fine Arts, Bob Jones University
  • BA, Studio Arts - Two Dimensional, Bob Jones University


  • Advanced Editing (Ci 304)
  • Cinema Lab (Ci 100)
  • Cinema Workshop (Ci 412)
  • Documentary Production Seminar (Ci 312)
  • Editing & Sound for Digital Media (Ci 201)
  • Motion Graphic Design & Digital Effects (Ci 316)
  • Production Design for Film & Video (Ci 306)
  • Screenwriting-EXP (Ci 405)


Jason Waggoner tells stories. Whether he’s painting, designing, or screenwriting he’s looking for the narrative thread that pulls viewers or audiences through a work. Jason has created scenic art or designed over 60 theater productions and has worked on or written more than 30 film projects. He has written for commercial projects, documentary series, and feature film. He’s received awards for both visual art and screenwriting.

Jason brings this practical experience and academic curiosity to the classroom where he loves serving students.