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Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Division of English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Science



  • PhD, English, Bowling Green State University - Main Campus
  • MEd, Teaching English, Bob Jones University
  • BA, English, Bob Jones University


Growing up in Florida was a trial. After all, everyone who came to see my family wanted to go to Disney World! And how could we turn them down? But I lived through it, and here I am at Bob Jones University having come to the Lord through a faithful church Sunday school teacher and summer weeks at the Wilds. I came to the University in 6th grade and have pretty much been here since. I studied English and History in the University (1985), served as a graduate assistant in the English Department (MEd in Teaching English 1987), worked as Circulation Supervisor at Mack Library (1987-89) and returned to the English Department in the fall of 1989. I completed work on a PhD in English from Bowling Green University in Ohio (2005) and have returned home for good. I love all things British, but especially the Victorians.

I have been privileged to travel quite a bit, to mission fields such as Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, but also to the British Isles and France in my courses of study. I enjoy most things international, particularly students from other countries whom I encounter in my classes and in the course of university life. Reading C.S. Lewis is a joy, and I have written on his favorite book Till We Have Faces. I also love the art of the Pre-Raphaelites such as William Holman Hunt and have spoken on his works at conferences and at the Bob Jones Museum and Gallery. The breadth of opportunity at the University has fed my own development, and I love seeing students take advantage of those same opportunities for themselves.