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Rhonda Galloway

Rhonda Galloway

Division of English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Science



  • EdD, Educational Administration, Bob Jones University
  • MEd, Teaching English, Bob Jones University
  • MS, Educational Administration & Supervision, Bob Jones University
  • BS, Elementary Education, Bob Jones University


  • American Literature 1607-1865 (En 205)
  • American Literature since 1607 (En 204)
  • American Literature since 1865 (En 206)
  • Composition & Literature (En 103)


Rhonda Galloway, professor of English, earned her Doctor of Education degree from Bob Jones University. Viewing herself primarily as a teacher, rather than a researcher, she has honed her craft as a teacher of English for over 35 years, with a content focus on American literature. As a member of both the National Council of Teachers of English and The Nathaniel Hawthorne Society, she keeps abreast of developments in the areas of study relevant to her teaching. To enhance her scholarship and practical associations with the field, she has spent six summers serving as Reader for the College Board, Educational Testing Service’s Advanced Placement test for English literature.  For years she served as a contributing writer for the Marketing Division of BJU Press. Now she employs her administrative skills as the program coordinator for the English major.

Dr. Galloway’s teaching focuses on the survey literature classes that introduce literary analysis and that develop the writing skills of her students. She is particularly passionate about the value of studying literature as a reflection of human thought and development, but also as an avenue for a fuller appreciation of the truths of God’s Word conveyed in the literary style of scripture. Framing all study from a biblical perspective, her courses center on a realistically Christian response to literature.

Actively involved in her small local church, Dr. Galloway enjoys the teaching ministry available to her there as well. She frequently entertains students in her home and coordinates social activities for the English Division. In her spare time, she reads, of course, and tends her flower garden.