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Robert Lee

Robert Lee

Department of Chemistry and Physics
Division of Natural Science
College of Arts and Science



  • PhD, Chemistry, Purdue University - Main Campus
  • BS, Chemistry, The University of Tennessee - Chattanooga


  • Advanced Research in Chemistry I-EXP (Chm 413)
  • Advanced Research in Chemistry II-EXP (Chm 414)
  • Chemical & Physical Science (Sc 105)
  • Essential Organic Chemistry (Chm 206)
  • Foundations of Chemistry Lab (Chm 195)
  • Research in Chemistry I (Chm 403)
  • Research in Chemistry II-EXP (Chm 404)


Dr. Robert E. Lee, Sr. is an organic chemist trained under the late R.R. Squires at Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana campus. With an industrial chemical career of more than 25 years, Dr. Lee has developed a love for making complicated chemical concepts and application understandable to customers and students alike. Applying the rigors of research at BASF, he helped launch commercial automotive coating based on unique water based chemistry where customer education and training was key to success. During over ten years at Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, progressively commercial applications of chemistry led to his direction of international commercialization efforts through global manufacturing production evaluations of specialty chemicals including antioxidants and UV-light stabilizers.

Dr. Lee promoted specialty chemicals as VP of Sales and Marketing for Mayzo, Inc. based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The technical sales effort confirmed his love of teaching and explaining chemistry as well as his realization of the need for strong business skills. For three years Dr. Lee taught high school science at Killian Hill Christian School for all sciences in grades 8-12. Returning to industry as VP of Operations and then VP of Technology allowed him to focus on manufacturing chemistry, process improvement and product development.

Through the providence of God, Dr. Lee was able to continue sharing his knowledge of chemistry and industry with BJU students starting in the fall of 2011. From teaching future teachers in Sc105 Physical Science, Nutrition Majors in CHM116 Bio-Organic Chemistry II, to training upper level chemists in CHM418 Instrumental Analysis and Seniors in CHM403/CHM404 Chemistry I & II, his rich background and love for students promotes life-long learning from a biblical perspective from the context of a commercial chemical scientist. Presently Dr. Lee is working on a one-semester Organic Chemistry course to support the health related majors and a potential Introduction to Forensic Science class as an exciting science elective.