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Rick Mowrey

Rick Mowrey

Division Chair, Division of Natural Science
College of Arts and Science



  • PhD, Chemistry, Ohio State University - Main Campus
  • BS, Chemistry, Bob Jones University


About Rick

Dr. Mowrey received a B.S. degree in chemistry from Bob Jones University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from The Ohio State University with an emphasis in theoretical chemistry. He was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Houston. For twenty years he was a research chemist at the Naval Research Laboratory, the corporate research laboratory for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. He developed mathematical and computer models using classical and quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and fluid dynamics to study energetic materials, combustion, catalysis, and nanomaterials. He is the coauthor of 85 research papers and 72 contributed and invited presentations at research institutions and national and international meetings.

Dr. Mowrey joined the science faculty at BJU in 2007. He enjoys making science interesting and relevant to science majors and to students who take science only because it is a requirement of their program. Dr. Mowrey loves mathematics and marvels at its ability to describe the physical world. He teaches Physical Science (an introductory course that explores physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth science), General Chemistry I and II Lab, Physical Chemistry I and II, Introduction to Molecular Modeling, and Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics (in the Department of Physics and Engineering). One of his primary goals is to teach his students to look at the world from the perspective of a chemist who is also a Christian and to apply chemical principles to develop solutions to interesting and significant problems. He has earned certification in all three levels of the BJU Summer Institute in Teaching Science, a program that fosters effective science teaching.

Dr. Mowrey works with the children’s church ministry at his local church. He enjoys running for exercise and relaxation.