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Sarah Gothard

Photo of Sarah Gothard

Department of Computer Science
Division of Mathematical Sciences
College of Arts and Science



  • PhD, Computer Science, Clemson University
  • MS, Computer Science, Clemson University
  • BS, Computer Science, Bob Jones University


  • Digital Literacy (Tec 101)
  • Digital Literacy Lecture (Tec 191)
  • Digital Literacy w/ Introductory Programming Lecture (Tec 291)
  • Digital Literacy with Introductory Programming (Tec 201)
  • Object-Oriented Programming II (CpS 209)
  • Object-Oriented Programming II Lab (CpS 293)


Dr. Gothard received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Clemson University, where she researched incorporating graphics into Computer Science education using the building blocks of image creation techniques to motivate students in general Computer Science courses. Visual, problem-based modules appeal to a diverse pool of students, prepare students for advanced topics, increase student engagement, and cultivate aesthetic sensibilities.

Dr. Gothard has experience teaching Computer Science I, II, and III; Digital Literacy; Data Structures and Algorithms; Computer Organization; Operating Systems; Computer Graphics; and Theory of Computing.

Dr. Gothard creates and facilitates online courses, cares for her family, and maintains the website and apps for