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Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts


The average American spends 11 hours per day consuming media—TV, radio, streaming, gaming, social media and email. In fact, the average American spends more time using media than any other activity while awake.

Add to that the explosive growth of social media and it’s not surprising that the number of job opportunities in mass media and public relations is growing exponentially (Pew Research, 2014).

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the business of creating and delivering information—journalism and mass communication (JMC)—is constantly adapting to changes in the ways people use media.

Traditional platforms such as radio, TV and print have converged in an online and mobile environment, so it’s not enough to know only one aspect of the media. In order to be successful, you must have a wide scope of knowledge and experiences.

The JMC faculty are prepared and committed to help you succeed by preparing you for the challenges of working in a changing media environment.

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In addition to experience with today’s range of media opportunities, the JMC program offers you an individualized program based on your unique career goals. You will learn the essentials of journalism, broadcasting and public relations.

You will also have the opportunity to extend your classroom knowledge through involvement in Campus Media (The Collegian student newspaper, WBJU-TV, WBJU IQ Radio, and the Vintage yearbook) and in one or more internships. By your senior year, you will have actual experience and a complete portfolio of work samples to present to future employers.

Ultimately the journalism and mass communication program will provide a strong media education based on a biblical worldview that will prepare you for the work God has for you.

BJU Core

The BJU Core will further prepare you to excel in what God has for your future, both in your career and in your personal life. You’ll improve your skills in communication, organization and critical thinking through subjects such as English, philosophy, history and science.

In addition, your Bible courses will help you build a solid foundation in God’s Word, and help you know what you believe and why—so you can minister to others and share with them the life-changing truth of the Gospel.


You will have the opportunity to choose program electives from three areas: broadcasting, journalism and public relations. Or you can select a combination that fits your particular interests. You will also have room for additional electives outside of your program. For example, just a few of the electives that can complement your JMC major are photography, political science and marketing.


Your Future


The JMC program at BJU opens the door to many career possibilities, including:

  • TV producer/reporter/editor
  • Radio host/producer/manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Event planner
  • Newspaper reporter/editor
  • Online/magazine writer
  • Corporate communications specialist/consultant
  • Training coordinator
  • Human resources specialist

Graduate Schools

Our JMC graduates have been accepted into graduate schools such as:

  • Bowling Green State University
  • Clemson University
  • Columbia College
  • Drexel University
  • Eastern University
  • George Washington University
  • Regent University
  • Suffolk University
  • University of Oklahoma College of Law
  • University of South Carolina

Graduate Experience

Our graduates are ready to use what they’ve learned at BJU to serve God in whatever capacity He directs them. Our graduates have filled these positions:

  • TV news reporter, KFOR, Oklahoma City
  • Associate editor, Taste of Home magazine
  • Reporter, Greenville News, Greenville, S.C.
  • Public relations account executive, Jackson Marketing
  • News producer, KCCI, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Communications consultant, based in Atlanta
  • Vice president, Creative & Digital, VantagePoint marketing, Greenville, S.C.
  • Social media manager, Answers in Genesis
  • Associate editor, Los Angeles Police Protective League
  • Radio news reporter, KOMO, Seattle
  • Video producer, Greenville, S.C.
  • Photojournalist, WBNS-TV, Columbus, Ohio
  • Radio operations manager, WGTK radio, Greenville, S.C.
  • Freelance writer and editor

photo of teacher in the studio with students

Career Support

BJU offers students a variety of ways to network with employers and organizations. A multitude of job opportunities are posted each year on Career Central, our online job board. In addition, more than 60 businesses and 150 Christian schools/mission boards/Christian organizations come on campus to recruit students through on-campus interviews and job/ministry fairs.

Career Services also helps students by holding seminars on resume preparation and interview techniques.

Learning Experience

Studio show

Senior Internship

Hands-on experience is vital for an effective journalism and mass communication education, and at BJU you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Near the completion of your program, you’ll have the opportunity for an internship position that’s tailored to your area of interest. Our students have interned in a variety of fields, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines and public relations.

Extensive Media Facilities

The media facilities, dedicated classrooms and JMC faculty offices are housed in the Gustafson Fine Arts Center. Because everything is centralized, you’ll have easy access to your faculty and your peers. You’ll develop camaraderie and have fun while you prepare for your future.

Along with use for class instruction, the facilities feature a fully functioning TV studio (including news set, weather chromakey and kitchen used for cooking shows) and associated control room, multiple radio studios, a fully equipped office for the student newspaper staff and a computer classroom.

Connecting with Professionals

You’ll also have opportunities to attend a variety of workshops, seminars and conferences in order to expand your experience and interact with media professionals. In addition, guest speakers share their expertise about trends in media and other job-related issues in classes and in Media Forums, department-wide meetings held twice each semester.


Kathryn Gamet
Kathryn Gamet
Division of Communication

View Faculty

The JMC faculty have more than 120 years of combined experience in many media-related fields, including journalism, TV and radio broadcasting, public relations, print publications, social media, and broadcast engineering.


Program Goals

Each student will:

  • Articulate a philosophy of mass media that reflects a biblical worldview.
  • Write clearly and correctly, using the format(s) appropriate to the context of the media message.
  • Gather, evaluate and disseminate information in a variety of
  • media environments.
  • Complete practical application of skills outside the classroom.

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