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Ministry Teams


Music Ministry Team

Joy Berg, Stephanie Shelburne, Jacob and Sarah Little, Philip Arcuri


Drama Ministry Team

Bekah Frampton, Wilbur Mauk, Allison and John Cox, Alyson Burrell, Stephen Whited

BJU sends ministry teams across the United States to do exactly what the name says: minister by partnering with churches and schools to serve the pastors, congregations and students. The team leaders and members demonstrate through music, drama or technology the saving faith of the Cross and the authentic joy and fulfillment from knowing God.

The teams do not require a booking charge and only request overnight lodging, meals and a freewill offering to help cover the teams’ salaries.

To get more information about the team or to schedule a service, email or call (864) 242–5100, ext. 4245. Meetings are scheduled per the pastor’s personal invitation.

Music Team Schedule

New events will be available soon.

Drama Team Schedule

New events will be available soon.