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Ministry Teams

Drama Team

2022 Fall Drama Team

2022 Fall Apologetics Team

2022 Fall Apologetics Team

2022 Fall Music Education Team

2022 Fall Music Education Team

This fall the Drama Team is presenting a fast-paced drama that weaves biblical heroes within the story of two teenage siblings who choose to live with extraordinary faith. You can see this performance at The Ark Encounter Tuesdays–Saturdays, September 20–November 19.

In September–November 2022, we have two teams traveling.

  • The Apologetics Team is traveling in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New England to hold workshops in Christian schools and homeschool co-ops.
  • The Music Education Team is traveling in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and South Carolina to interact with student musicians in Christian schools and to minister in churches on the weekends.

Music Team Schedule

New events will be available soon.

The ministry teams do not charge a fee but request assistance with overnight lodging and meals. To schedule a meeting, email or call (864) 242-5100, ext. 4245.