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High School Festival: Teaching

Develop your ability to communicate God’s Word clearly and effectively to other women. You will get to attend workshops to help you prepare a lesson you can effectively teach to other women. In this process, you will receive personal coaching from experienced teachers of God’s Word.

In addition, you may enter up to two Festival individual/solo contests and may compete in the group contests.


After registering, you will be assigned a passage from the book of Psalms. Though you are welcome to study the passage beforehand, you are discouraged from preparing your lesson ahead of time. However, reading through the book of Psalms at least once is strongly suggested.

The goal is to take you through the lesson construction process as it relates to a passage from the Old Testament. Though interactive workshops, we will take you from text to lesson. Those who wish to teach their lesson and get feedback on their content and delivery may do so on Thursday.

We encourage you to bring a laptop or notebook that you can use as you work on your lesson. There are printers and a copy center available on campus for you to use.

Printable Guidelines for all categories


You will benefit from the following:

  • The opportunity to effectively prepare and teach a lesson from God’s Word
  • Helpful, personal feedback and coaching from experienced Bible teachers
  • Workshop sessions designed to aid in accurately interpreting Old Testament poetry and then constructing and delivering a biblically faithful and compelling lesson
  • A free book for those who attend the workshop sessions
  • Cookout and informal interaction with School of Religion and BJU Seminary faculty

Basic Schedule

Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Workshops designed to help with interpreting and teaching from Old Testament poetry
  • One-on-one coaching designed to help you prepare and improve your lesson


  • Teaching session with feedback
  • Cookout with faculty