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High School Festival: Video

The world is full of stories—stories that must be shared. If you’re passionate about exploring the language of film and telling stories through video, this competition is for you. Choose to shoot a documentary or narrative, or create an animated world all your own.





Guidelines for all categories

The project must have a running time of 3–7 minutes and must be submitted in one of the following formats: DVD or a movie file (.mp4 or .wmv). The movie file must be submitted on a non-returnable disc or thumb drive. If you elect to submit your video in a DVD format, please check your DVD on several different DVD players. Sometimes a DVD burned on an individual computer will not play on any other device. A DVD or a movie file format that will not play on our equipment will not be eligible for the competition. Discs and thumb drives must be labeled with the your name and school you attend.

All elements contained in the video must be free of copyright issues. Please provide proof of ownership in the ending credits of your film, including but not limited to music, photographs and ideas.

The name of the student and their school, the name of the director, a list of crew members and their positions, and a list of the equipment that was used (cameras, editing software and any other software used in production) must be included. The director is the one eligible for award. The film may focus on any subject as long as content is suitable for a general Christian venue. Final decisions about content will be made by the judges. We include narrative, animation and documentaries in the same competition. Tell your visual story with a good beginning, a middle that develops the ideas, and then a powerful ending.

Printable Guidelines for all categories

  • Students may enter a maximum of 3 contests.
  • Students may win first place more than once in successive years with different pieces.
  • Any student who does not fulfill all of the contest requirements will forfeit their right to win but will receive judges’ written critiques.

1st Place Individual

  • Trophy
  • Paid program fee for the 1st semester of freshman year at BJU ($800–$1475)
  • $375 Scholarship for BJU EDUcamp

2nd Place Individual

3rd Place Individual

Students are strongly encouraged to rehearse and perform in one of the following side-by-side experiences hosted by members and directors of BJU performing groups.

Wind Band

  • Open to 9–12th grade students in brass, woodwind, and percussion. Students will rehearse and perform side-by-side with members of the BJU Symphonic Wind Band under the direction of Bruce Cox.


  • Open to 9–12th grade students who play violin, viola, cello or bass. Students will rehearse and perform side-by-side with members of the BJU Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Michael Moore.
  • Violin I must be able to play with confidence and ease in fifth position, Violin II and Viola in third position, Cello and Bass in fourth position.

Concert Chorus

  • Open to SATB singers recommended by their director.
  • Each school or homeschool group may select up to 3 balanced quartets of SATB for a total of 12 singers maximum. These singers will rehearse and perform concert choral literature side-by-side with the University Chorale under the direction of Andrew Huish.

Festival Singers

  • Open to SATB singers participating in any area of the Festival. This chorus will rehearse and perform side-by-side with the University Singers under the direction of Pattye Casarow.