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Parent FAQs


What kind of financial aid is available at BJU?

What is the program fee?

How can my student apply for a campus job?

How are students working on campus paid?

Where will my student’s W-2 forms be sent?

How can I access my student’s 1098-T statement?

How do I view my student’s billing statement?

Health Care

If my student becomes ill as a BJU student, what options are there?

What is the Student Medical Advice Line?

Under what circumstances should my student call the Student Medical Advice Line or make an appointment to see a physician?

What can my student expect when calling the Student Medical Advice Line?

Does my student need to carry an insurance card?

How should my student plan for transportation?

What should my student do if they will miss chapel or a Sunday church service?

What should my student do if they will miss classes or work?

If my student misses classes, will the absence be excused?

What if my student needs to have surgery during the school year?

Will someone stay with my student if they need to go to the hospital?

What if my student has health needs, but will stay in a residence hall room instead of staying in a hospital?


My student is contemplating a program change. What services and resources are available to help my student with his or her decision?

What services and resources are available to support my student in his or her academics?

My student is struggling in a particular class. What advice do you recommend I provide?

If my student is struggling overall academically, may I talk to his or her advisor or academic dean?

Can I get a record of my student’s grades?

May a BJU student take courses over the summer through another college? If so, how can I be sure courses will transfer?

If my student needs to interrupt enrollment, what courses may be taken?

What does an academic restriction mean?

How does a student get off an academic restriction?

My student is on academic probation, but I think it would benefit them to miss classes. Is this okay?


How can I contact my student in the event of an emergency?

What address do I use to mail items to a student?

Student Life

When can I first arrive at the residence halls?

Are there any suggestions for how my student can choose a local church?

May students date off campus?

May residence hall students go home with a friend for the weekend?

How often may residence hall students spend the weekend away from campus?


What is FERPA?

What student information can be released?

As a parent of a college student, do I have the right to my child’s education records, especially if I pay the bill?

Can a postsecondary institution disclose financial records of a college student with the student’s parents?

What if the child is a minor and they are taking classes at BJU while still in high school—does the parent have rights?

Will I be informed if my child is treated at a health center?

Will I be notified if my child is hurt or in danger?