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Courses for High School Students

Looking for a way to get ahead in college? Take a look at the courses we have available! On-campus courses give you a taste of college life and allow you to interact with professors and students. Online courses, on the other hand, can provide more flexibility. Whichever format you choose, you’ll benefit from the high-quality academics BJU is known for, taught by experienced faculty and grounded on a biblical worldview.

Online Courses

  • 50% off for high school juniors/seniors
  • Enjoy high-quality college classes from the comfort of your own homeā€”or a nearby coffee shop
  • Connect with your faculty conveniently online
  • Enjoy the flexibility of courses that fit into your schedule
  • Graduate from college early

Online Courses

On-campus Courses

  • Take your first on-campus course for free
  • Take additional courses at a reduced rate
  • Connect with your professors in person
  • Be a part of an exciting college atmosphere
  • Enjoy free admission to our fine arts performances, games and much more
  • Graduate from college early
On-campus Courses

Dual Credit

You may be able to earn dual credit when you take a class from BJU. Contact your school administrator or superintendent to see if you are eligible.