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Important Dates

June 18–July 15

Roommate Requests

New students may request through StudentCentral or by emailing Student Life.

Note: First-Year Students should ignore the “Residence Hall Request” since you will live with other first-year students in the First-Year Residence Hall.

First-year students can submit 1 person request. (There are usually 3 students in a room.)

  • Same room as another first-year student


  • Same discipleship group as another first-year student

July 31

Health Forms Due

Submit your health forms by uploading them to your admission portal or emailing them to Wendy Williams.

Aug. 1

Register Your Vehicle

If you are bringing a car to campus, look for an email on Aug. 1 to register your vehicle. Registering your vehicle ahead of time saves you lots of time at New Student Check-In.

Roommate Assignments

Roommates will be revealed in StudentCentral. Contact your new roommates to introduce yourself and decide what each of you will bring.

Aug. 5

First School Bill Due

Your first school bill must be paid before you can complete registration. If you have any questions, please contact Financial Services.

Aug. 21


You’ll want to make sure you pack the essentials for life at BJU. It’s easy to overlook an item or two, so we’ve compiled a packing list of things you could consider bringing.


We look forward to seeing you at student check-in. Let us know if you could use some help with travel arrangements. Have a safe trip to campus!


New Student Move-in begins at 8 a.m. Men should go to Johnson Residence Hall and women to Gaston Residence Hall. StudentLife will email your room number to your BJU student email address by 7 a.m.

Look for designated unloading zones to pull in and unload your items. Once your vehicle is unloaded, there is parking available in the parking garage beside the residence halls.