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Important Dates

June 1


Complete your FAFSA no later than June 1 so you can see your financial aid on your first account statement.

June 14–15 / 21–22

One of the best ways you can prepare for your time at BJU is to attend our summer orientation. It’s a great low-stress environment where you can meet your faculty, schedule your classes and take music auditions early, and so much more. Be sure to make it to summer orientation—it’ll make check-in week a breeze.

June 30


If you live in South Carolina, your FAFSA needs to be completed by June 30 in order to be eligible to receive SC Tuition Grant.

July 14

Request Roommate

Final day to request a roommate or hall mate. Log in to StudentCentral, click “Room Request” and then complete the form.

Aug. 3

Roommate Assignments

Find out who your roommates are on StudentCentral and connect with them before you arrive.

Aug. 5

Account Statement

Your first account statement is due.

Aug. 31


You’ll want to make sure you pack the essentials for life at BJU. It’s easy to overlook an item or two, so we’ve compiled a packing list of things you could consider bringing.


We look forward to seeing you at student check-in. Let us know if you could use some help with travel arrangements. Have a safe trip to campus!

Sept. 4

Classes Begin

Attend your classes for the first time this year. It’s a good idea to have most of your registration details taken care of by now. If you don’t and have questions about anything, feel free to ask your academic advisor. They’re happy to help.