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Non-Degree (Part-Time) Graduate Student

Applicants not holding a BJU undergraduate degree may be asked to take a Bible course during their first 2 semesters of enrollment.

What is a non-degree student?

You’re a non-degree student if you:

  • Meet admission requirements
  • Wish to take only a few courses on campus on a part-time basis
  • Are not interested in a degree

What is my admission process?

Your admission process follows the typical graduate program admission process.

Can I apply my work toward a degree?

Work taken as a non-degree student may be applied toward a degree program later if you qualify for admission to a degree program at the time the work is taken.

Do I need to remove any entrance deficiences?

If you are taking 9 or fewer credits, you are considered a part-time student and are not required to remove entrance deficiencies. You may take any course for which you have met the prerequisites.