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Former Graduate Student

Individuals previously enrolled in BJU but not enrolled in the current term are classified as a former student and must go through the re-enrollment process. Eligible former students who must sit out a semester or more for various reasons are encouraged to re-enroll to complete their degree requirements.

Completing a re-enrollment application serves 2 purposes. It allows you to refocus on BJU’s mission as well as allowing us to update your student information. We are excited about the prospect of having you return to BJU as a student.

International Re-enrolling Student

Please review the international graduate student admission process to learn more.

What is my admission process?

You can follow the typical graduate admission process, but there are some differences for a re-enrolling student.

  • Application fee — You have no application fee, but you do need to pay a $50 refundable reservation fee when you submit your application.
  • Recommendations — We ask for the pastoral staff member recommendation only.
  • Transcripts — You should request transcripts be sent to BJU if those transcripts include work completed elsewhere since your last enrollment at BJU.

Former Graduate Student Timeline

Application Steps Deadline/Time
Apply (Re-apply) As early as November or March of current BJU semester
Documentation 2 to 4 weeks
Processing 2 to 4 weeks
Decision 2 to 4 weeks