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International Students

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Bob Jones University welcomes and encourages ethnic diversity and cultural awareness that international students bring to the student body. Currently, more than 40 countries are represented by students who bring a unique perspective and testimony of God’s work in their homelands.

What is my admission process?

  1. Apply to BJUApply Now
    • You should apply at least 6 months before you intend to enroll. It takes 6 months on average from the time of the first inquiry until the student secures an F-1 visa.
    • Be prepared to include your personal profession of faith and two recommendations.
  2. Submit Required Documents
    • Once you have finished your application, your admission counselor will connect with you and direct you to your next steps.
  3. Confirm Your Reservation
    • The reservation deposit for international students is $250 and is applied to your first month’s tuition and fees. The reservation deposit is designed to be a commitment deposit and is refundable if you decide not to attend BJU prior to your official notification of admittance. After you are admitted, the deposit cannot be refunded.

See the undergraduate admission process and graduate admission process

International Former Students

Transfering as an international student

Visa Status

In the application:

  • If you are in the U.S. now and have a visa status, choose the correct one from the drop-down box.
  • If you are not currently in the U.S., you should leave the visa status question blank.


Our International Student Guide will explain cultural adjustment and U.S. Immigration policies which will help you to stay in status as an international student in the U.S.


Application Steps Fall Spring
Apply Prior to March 1 Prior to July 1
Documentation March 1–April 15
(6 weeks)
July 1–Aug. 15
(6 weeks)
Processing April 15–May 30
(6 weeks)
Aug.15–Sept. 30
(6 weeks)
Decision June 1–July 30
(8 weeks)
Oct. 1–Dec. 1
(8 weeks)
  Printable Steps

Support Staff

Kevin Schmidt

Admission Counselor


Shin Hye (Susan) Lee

Korean Admission Assistant

Kakaotalk ID: susan1003
Facebook: Shin Hye Susan Lee

Lingxian (Christina) Peng

Chinese Admission Assistant

WeChat: pengpeng90115
QQ: 228387203

Andres del Cid

Hispanic Admission Assistant


Katrina Infante

Pacific Islands Admission Assistant


Bryan Boudreau

Coordinator for International Student Engagement