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Graduate Admission Requirements

To pursue graduate work, a student must:

  1. hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university and must qualify for a program of study leading to a graduate degree
  2. have an undergraduate major or its equivalent in the field chosen for graduate study
  3. have their undergraduate program of study be substantially equal to the undergraduate program of study required in that particular field at Bob Jones University, including major, minor and general requirements

An applicant who meets all undergraduate requirements for admission to graduate work is given admission subject to the regulations regarding admission to candidacy which apply to all graduate students.


An applicant who is deficient 13 or more credits will be admitted as a post graduate special student limited to undergraduate courses only. Once this student has less than a 13-credit deficiency, admission to candidacy may be granted.

All students should remove academic deficiencies as early in their program as possible. An applicant whose undergraduate program of study is totally out of line with the graduate program they wish to pursue may be advised to enroll in the appropriate undergraduate school in order to qualify for the bachelor’s degree.

In every case an applicant for graduate study must present an undergraduate record of such quality as to predict success on the graduate level.

Program Requirements


Further details concerning specific requirements are given in the Graduate Catalog under the respective school sections.