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Post Graduate Special Student

Students holding a bachelor degree from a recognized college may pursue additional undergraduate course work as a post graduate special (PGS) student.

*Applicants not holding a BJU undergraduate degree may be asked to take a Bible course during their first two semesters of enrollment.


You may qualify as a post graduate special student through the following options:

  • Non-degree seeking — includes random undergraduate courses for which course prerequisites have been met for academic credit or audit for continuing education units
  • Degree seeking toward an additional undergraduate degree — includes a minimum of 30 credits beyond the first degree
  • 13 or more course deficiencies toward acceptance in a specified graduate program (should be determined by a prospective student applying for graduate study)

To register for a graduate course, a PGS student must meet all prerequisites for graduate study.

What is my admission process?

Your admission process follows the undergraduate admission timeline.

Note: Post graduate special students do not need to request their test scores or high school transcripts be sent to BJU.