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Former Student

If you were previously enrolled in BJU but are not enrolled in the current term, you are classified as a former student and must go through the re-enrollment process.

Completing a re-enrollment application serves 2 purposes. It allows you to refocus on BJU’s mission as well as allowing us to update your student information. We are excited about the prospect of having you return to BJU as a student and will do our best to help you through the process.

What is my admission process?

Have you been out for more than 2 semesters?

If yes, we ask that you reapply and note below the differences in the standard admission process

Have you been out for 2 semesters or less?

Please contact our re-enrollment counselor to begin your admission process.

There are some differences in the admission process for a re-enrolling student.

  • Reservation fee — You will need to pay a $50 refundable reservation fee when you are accepted.
  • Recommendations — We ask for the pastoral staff member recommendation only.
  • Transcripts — You should request transcripts be sent to BJU if those transcripts include work completed elsewhere since your last enrollment at BJU.

Apply Now


Keith Barnes, our re-enrollment counselor, can answer all of your questions.

International Former Student

Please review the international student admission process to learn more.