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Transfer Student

BJU considers you a college transfer student if you attended another recognized Christian, public or private college or university anytime after the summer following your high school graduation. You can build upon course work earned from other institutions to earn a degree from BJU.

What is my admission process?

Your admission process is identical to a first time college student.

You, as the transfer student, are responsible to see that transcripts of all previous high school and college-level work are sent directly from each institution attended to Bob Jones University. All such transcripts should be requested at the time of application to the University since the application cannot be processed until all records are in order. Transcripts are not accepted from students.

When is my transfer work evaluated?

Transfer work is evaluated once you have been admitted and confirmed your reservation. The amount of transfer work accepted is then communicated to you.

During your document processing, prior to an admittance decision, a preliminary evaluation of transfer work is available upon request once all of your college transcripts have been received.

How is my transfer work evaluated?

Transfer evaluation is a course-by-course comparison from other institutions to BJU’s curriculum. Though the Office of Admission receives your college transcripts, undergraduate course evaluation is done in the Office of the Registrar.

In general, BJU accepts transfer credit from recognized institutions for any course that is comparable to ones that we offer and in which you have earned a grade of C or better. Credit hours awarded equal that of the institution where the credit was earned (quarter hours are transposed into semester hours). Course titles, grades and credits earned are transferred but grade point averages for transfer credits are not calculated into your cumulative GPA until your degree is conferred. Also, you might be required to provide college catalogs, course descriptions and/or syllabi in order to facilitate completion of your evaluation.

Military Service

A limited amount of credit may be allowed for training programs followed in military service, provided this work is in line with baccalaureate requirements. Any veteran desiring an evaluation of such work must have his official transcript forwarded directly from the proper authorities to the Registrar of BJU.

Credit is allowed on the basis of the recommendation in the manual,
A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.