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Transfer Credit for Graduate Students

The regulations governing the transfer of credits earned in other institutions are as follows:

  1. It is the policy of the University to consider for transfer, credits earned in a regular college or university or other institutions of collegiate level.
  2. Only those credits which carry a grade of at least B at the graduate level may be transferred (no grades of C, D, F, or P).
  3. Courses acceptable for transfer must be substantially in line with the course of study offered by Bob Jones University, and must serve a useful purpose in the particular curriculum which the student proposes to follow. A course to be accepted need not be identical with a course offered at Bob Jones University, but it must be a course, even as a general elective, which is in line with the requirements as defined in the catalog.
  4. In transferring credits, all evaluations are made in terms of courses as they appear in the University catalog. Though the original course titles are retained, the student’s transfer record will show the course number as it appears in the University catalog. Transfer courses for which there exist no parallel courses in this institution but which are acceptable for transfer will be assigned the proper departmental classification.
  5. The University does not accept in transfer any work done at the graduate level by correspondence. Undergraduate deficiencies may, however, be removed through correspondence work at approved schools.
  6. The University does not accept in transfer any graduate courses offered by an institution that does not grant graduate degrees.
  7. The University does not accept in transfer for graduate credit any undergraduate courses taken at another institution even if the offering institution accepts the course work as graduate-level work.
  8. A unit of credit at Bob Jones University is a semester hour. Quarter hours are transposed into semester hours at the ratio of 3:2; that is, 3 quarter hours equal 2 semester hours. No fractional credits are recorded, and course credits of a fragmentary nature are disallowed.

Transfer credit is limited to a maximum of six semester hours for the Master of Arts, Master of Music, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Science, Master of Education, Specialist in Education, Master of Ministry, and Doctor of Ministry degrees. Up to a maximum of 48 semester hours may be transferred into the Master of Divinity degree program. A maximum of 45 semester hours may be transferred into the Doctor of Education and the Doctor of Philosophy degree programs. It is understood that students transferring in substantial credits at the graduate level will not normally take additional work in transfer once they are accepted into a graduate program at Bob Jones University. A graduate student’s transfer work is not calculated into his or her grade point average.

All work taken at other institutions for transfer into a degree program at Bob Jones University once the student has been accepted into a graduate program must be approved by the registrar in advance. In such circumstances, the amount of credit to be taken elsewhere will be limited. Moreover, the student is expected to complete his final semester of course work in residence at Bob Jones University.