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AP, CLEP and IB Tests

If you have taken any of these courses, please request copies of your Advance Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test results be sent to BJU.

Recognition of Credits

Please be aware that not all AP, CLEP, and IB credits are accepted by BJU. Contact the Admission office to get information about which credits will be accepted.

To be recognized, credits must have been earned prior to enrollment at BJU and after the sophomore year of high school. The total credit earned through AP, CLEP and IB programs is limited to 30 semester credits.


Credit for AP is based solely upon AP tests and not on AP courses. AP test scores must be 4 or above for recognition.


General CLEP scores are not recognized. Subject area CLEP credits are acceptable so long as the scores are 50 or above


IB credit is based solely upon the Higher Level Examination results. IB test scores must be 5 or above for recognition. A total of 6 English credits may be earned by IB, excluding AP and CLEP programs.

AP or CLEP Questions

Prospective students desiring information concerning the AP and CLEP programs should contact The College Board