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Homeschool Students

BJU—a great fit for homeschooled students

Homeschool students, who make up about half of the student body, thrive at BJU.


At BJU you’ll find regionally accredited programs that will push you to excellence. No matter what you study, you’ll have opportunities to put your knowledge into practice. And the hands-on experiences you get will help clarify your direction for the future. Through the liberal arts courses you’ll take outside your major, you’ll develop skills employers are looking for—skills like critical thinking, creative problem solving and clear communication.


If you’re excited about growing in your walk with Christ, BJU is a great place to be! Through challenging chapel messages, discipleship groups in your residence hall, classes taught from a biblical worldview and professors who care about your spiritual growth, you’ll find your faith being built up, not torn down.

Homeschool Connect is a free, on-campus educational event for students in grades 9-12.

Applying to BJU

As a homeschool student, your admission process is the same as all first-time college students. And you can apply as early as your junior year of high school.


Recommended Courses in High School

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BJU offers you an education that is both affordable and valuable.

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