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High School Students

You should have your school send your official high school transcript directly to the Office of Admission.

If you have completed any college work, please request the school at which you completed this work send your college transcripts to the Office of Admission.

Applicants from approved high schools will be admitted to the freshman class upon certification that the applicant is a high school graduate and recommended for college work, and provided that the applicant has met all other requirements for admission.

Homeschool Students

Check out our guidelines on what makes a good transcript.

Required Units

You should have a graduation date and at least 16–18 acceptable units of secondary school work. (A unit is defined as five 45-minute periods each week for 36 weeks.)

Ten of these units must be in academic subjects. The following distribution of units is recommended:

  • English (3 units)
  • Mathematics (2 units)
  • Natural science (1 unit)
  • Social studies or history (2 units)
  • Foreign language (2 units)


Transfer Students

Have your college transcripts be sent to BJU. Learn about transferring credits

International Students

Students educated outside the USA should note our guidelines for a credentials evaluation report.

Canadian students, we offer guidlines for credentials evaluation for Canadian students.

Former Students

Former students should request transcripts be sent to BJU if those transcripts include work completed since your last enrollment at BJU.

GED Students

Request your GED test scores be sent to BJU.

Post Graduate Special Students

Post graduate special students do not need to request their high school transcripts be sent to BJU.